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2022 ford mustang mach 1 cruising through the track

2022 Ford Mustang Mach 1 is a Beast When It Comes to Performance and Specs

2022 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Review Video  

The 2022 Ford Mustang MACH 1 is a two-door fastback with rear-wheel drive. The Mustang is a rear-wheel-drive two-door with four seats driven by a 5.0L V8 engine with 345 kW of power (at 7500 rpm) and 556 Nm of torque (at 4600 rpm) and is controlled by a six-speed manual transmission. The Mach 1 inherits the Shelby GT350’s standard Tremec 6-speed manual transmission, but purchasers can also opt for a 10-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters. Want to know more about this fantastic Car? Keep reading the blog of McGee Pre-Owned Superstore in Pembroke, MA.  

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Road Trip Essentials Vector Image

Go on a Road Trip with These Essentials by Your Side

Essential Items for a Road Trip in Pembroke, MA  

This is time for your Family Vacation, and you have begun to consider what you will need to keep your performance on the highway. Suppose you are planning a cross-country family vacation. There is nothing quite like going on a long drive! Having a few hours or days on the road provides unparalleled choice and freedom. What you carry depends on various factors, including your location, the season of the year you will be going, and the number of days you will be gone. In contrast to traditional holidays, long drives are more about the route than the destinations. Nevertheless, the McGee Superstore in Pembroke, MA, has several road trips essentials to help you make the most of those long drives.  

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a woman's hand on a white keyboard and a mouse next to it

Is It Safe To Use A Dealership’s Website To Fill Out A Car Credit Application?

Is It Safe To Apply For Credit At A Car Dealership Online?  

The complexity of choosing the best financing option for their transaction scares most automobile buyers. However, you may make the procedure less stressful by selecting a reputable dealership that will assist you at every stage. If you are thinking: Is it safe to apply for credit at a car dealership online? The McGee Pre-Owned Superstore in Pembroke, MA, is here to help you.   

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Side view of a black car with headlights on driving on a road at night

Tips to Clean Foggy Headlights of Your Car This Winter

How to Clean Foggy Headlights of Your Car

It’s winter again, and apart from having to deal with slippery, snow-filled roads, you also need to tackle low visibility while you’re driving your car on the streets of Pembroke, MA. In this case, you must have a clear set of headlights. Here’s McGee Pre-Owned Superstore in Pembroke, MA telling you tips on how you can clean your car’s foggy headlights this winter.

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a man cleaning his car covered in snow during winter

Protect Your Car this Winter With these Tips and Tricks

Ten Winter Car Tip and Tricks   

Driving in the Winter may be highly hazardous. Not only are the roads slick and treacherous, but your vehicle may also freeze, slip, or lose traction. Routine tasks, such as going to the grocery store or attending a holiday party, may quickly turn risky if the climate isn’t cooperating, which is why it’s critical to be cautious and observant while driving in the Winter. Maintaining your car during Winter is another task that might seem complicated for you. But fear not, the McGee Pre-Owned Superstore in Pembroke, MA, is bringing to you a video that talks about ten winter car tips and tricks.   

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2021 Jetta on city streets

Are foreign cars more expensive to own than domestic ones?

Foreign vs Domestic: Which Car is Cheaper to Own?

Here at McGee Superstore in Pembroke, MA, we deal with all kinds of vehicles. Toyota, Honda, Ford, Chevy, and everything in between. We often get people looking for the most affordable car, including the cost of car ownership. Many of those potential buyers bring up repair costs and ask whether it’s smarter to buy a foreign or a domestic car.

Is this just a myth or are foreign cars really more expensive to own than domestic ones?

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