A wiper blade being replaced on a car

How Often Should I Get My Car’s Wiper Blades Changed?

How to Tell Your Car’s Wiper Blades Need Replacement 

The mirage deceiving you on the road may not be a natural effect deterring the ride. In fact, it lends more thrill to the drive across highways. However, smudges on the windshield can cause unforeseen problems, and we need to take the necessary steps to avoid a blurred sight. One of the factors that affect our driving experience could be a dysfunctional wiper blade, which leaves marks on the windshield and has damaging effects on the ride quality. Residents of Pembroke, MA, can visit our dealership to check out the used inventory and the services category for customized upgrades. Here’s how you can tell your car’s wiper blades need replacement so that you can take your car to the McGee Pre-Owned Superstore for service on time. 

Sloppy Rubber of the Wiper Blade 

If the rubber in the wiper blades has become loose and becomes incapable of swiping snow, ice, and water, you may want to check the blades before you head out for service. Cracked/worn rubber of the blades may lead to a swipe leaving streaks on the windshield. When the activity is less efficient, inspect the rubber visually every month. Make sure you replace it if the edges are rounded after regular usage. 

Streaks left on a windshield of a car
Corroded wiper blades of a car

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Metal Corrosion 

The decrease in visibility may arise due to multiple reasons. However, corrosion isn’t one of the most prominent ones. Your car’s wiper blades could lose their structural integrity with time and lead to rusting. Such effects may break the blade and cause accidents if the components go flying on the road amid a drive. So, make it a point to check the wiper blade frames regularly. 

Glass Cleaning Problems 

While cleaning the windshield, check if there’s debris and caked-up dirt beneath the blades. Also, the fluid levels should reach a full mark. But if it does not, make sure to get a wiper fluid top-off. In spite of these tweaks, if the blades keep leaving streaks, replace them for better efficiency. 

Replace Your Wiper Blades in Pembroke, MA 

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