View of a flat tire being changed

How to Change a Flat Tire in my Vehicle?

Learn DIY Flat Tire Changing Tips for your Car  

Do you want to learn DIY flat tire changing tips for your car? Look no further than McGee Pre-owned Superstore in Pembroke, MA. We bring to you six DIY steps which you can easily follow to learn how to change your flat tire. Continue reading for more information.  

Tools to Change a Flat Tire  

Under the luggage compartment of your car, you will find safely stored a spare tire and a tool kit along with your owner’s manual. Inside the tool kit, look for three things – a pair of gloves, a jack, and a lug wrench. Park your car in a safe location, block your wheels using a wheel wedge, turn on your safety lights, and then bring the spare tire and the tools to the side of the flat tire.   

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Six Steps to Change a Flat Tire  

To change the flat tire, first, remove the wheel covering. Ensure that you are wearing gloves so that the grease from the wheels does not transfer to your hands or clothes. Use the flat or sharp end of the jack to pry open the wheel cover.   

Now, the nuts should be visible to you. Use the wrench to unscrew the nuts by half a turn. Then refer to your owner’s manual and place the jack in the designated position on the side of the flat tire. Slowly and steadily, raise the vehicle until the tire lifts off the ground and you have room to change the tires.   

Image of jack being used to change a flat tire
Image of a wrench being used to change a flat tire

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Now, use the wrench to remove the nuts and free the wheel from its hinges. Replace the flat tire with the spare tire and screw the nuts on using your hands. Lower the jack until the wheel touches the ground before using the wrench to tighten the nuts. Now, you can replace the hubcap. As you can see, in six simple and easy steps, you have learnt how to change the flat tire in your vehicle.   

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